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Facts about Narsaq

Narsaq is located in the most southern Greenland in the sound between Tunulliarfik/Skovfjorden and Sermilik/Bredefjord. The town, which has about 1,800 residents, was established in 1834 as a satelite of the colony Julianehåb, the current Qaqortoq.

In 1959 Narsaq gained status of autonomous municipality but after the reform, implemented on 1 January 2009, Narsaq is now part of the Kujalleq, Greenland's southernmost municipality.

The town is home to the slaughterhouse Neqi A/S and Greenland food academy Inuili .

Narsaq is a natural center for the settlements Igaliku, Qassiarsuk and Narsuarsuaq, the latter with the international airport, which was constructed by the US Airforce during World War II. The area around Narsaq has many sheep farms.


Narsaq can look forward to development and hundreds of new jobs if the mine becomes a reality.

The settlement Qassiarsuk was the home of Erik the Red's farm, and the first church on the North American continent was built here. In the Norse period the settlement was known as Brattalid.

Igaliko in the Norse period was home to the Catholic bishop of Greenland and was then called Gardar .

Today the economy of both settlements is based on sheep farming, agriculture and tourism.