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Summer in Narsaq

Health and environment are inextricably linked

The mine at Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld  can be realized if Greenland Minerals and Energy A/S meets the authorities strict demands to health and safety of commercial mining and environmentally sound activities in the mine. These are the rules for all mining companies in Greenland, conducting feasibility studies and test drilling, as the citizens of the community, the environment and the workers at the mine must be protected as much as possible.

But it is not the mining company performing the work leading to the final documentation. When the hundreds of pages of analysis and findings and key conclusions will be handed over to the authorities, independent consultants are behind. It makes sense, as we ensure the necessary impartiality and the authorities are certain that the documentation is made ​​at the highest professional and scientific level.

Vinter i havnen i Narsaq


Environmental impact examined
The environmental impact of mining on Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld are examined by the consulting firm Orbicon. The company has since 2007 collected information about the environment around Narsaq in connection with studies of rare earth metals , uranium and zinc.

The studies will form the basis for a report with documentation and assess whether it is environmentally responsible to embark on commercial mining at Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld. Only when the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum has received the final report together with others report on the impact of social conditions in the Narsaq area, it can decide whether mining is sound.

Since 2007 Orbicon has collected a variety of information about the flora and fauna of Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld and in the area around Narsaq. Specialists from Orbicon work to clarify what the lead content is in fish, seals etc. The many samples are taken from rivers, fiords, lakes and on land. At the same time the background level of radiation and heavy metals are examined, so you can see whether mining will impact with some form of release.

The same kind of samples are taken several years in a row to have something to compare with. The guidelines were developed in collaboration with the Greenlandic BMP and the Danish Centre for Environment and Energy. For example, Orbicon collected certain mussels for three consecutive years in order to get information about the background radiation that appears every year. If the mine becomes a reality, there will then be something to compare with, should there be any suspicion that the mine pollutes.

This type of study is not a unique regulatory requirements for Greenland Minerals and Energy A/S. Anyone who wants to open a mine in Greenland has to implement such an environmental background investigation, it is simply a requirement, and in connection with Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld it has been decided to carry out additional investigations - for example of how the water flows in rivers.

These studies will show how much water is being diluted before it reaches down to the sea and the amount of water flowing through rivers. That way you can assess whether there is enough water for mining operations without compromising the trout in the rivers. The studies are carried out at the highest technological level, which means that the Orbicon specialists and the scientists at the Danish Centre for Environment and Energy can sit in Denmark and - via a satelite link - monitor the water flow in the river near Narsaq.

Narsaq, Sydgrønland

Orbicon has also set up several weather stations, meassuring the precipitation and wind conditions in the area around Narsaq. This information can be used by the mine company for example, to identify the areas that are best suited to build houses.

Orbicon's agenda is extensive and involves close contact with people in and around Narsaq. For example, Orbicon listened to public concerns about possible dust problems if there will be built a mine on Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld. The company has set four dust monitors up - two in the middle of the town, one close to the mountains and one near the most far sheep farm. The meters register the dust that occurs naturally here and now, and it can then be compared with measurements if a mine is established.

All in all, the area is being thoroughly investigated and the Danish Centre for Environment and Energy has been involved in the area since the 1970s. All information Orbicon have collected will end up in a report, followed by public hearings, after which the Government og Greenland can decide whether it is advisable to open a mine in Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld .

Borgermøde i Narsaq - GME informerer om projekt Kvanefjeld

Public meeting in Narsaq - GME informs about project Kvanefjeld

Facts about Orbicon :
Orbicon now also has an office in Nuuk, performing knowledge-based advice and technical assistance in view of sustainability and value creation for customers.

Orbicon solutions contributing to the improvement of living and working in the community around us.

The company must at all times act for the benefit of customers, and in a way that ensures optimal customer profitability, without the demands of society and society thereby compromised .

It is Orbicon policy that design, planning and implementation of tasks shall be environmentally safe and in accordance with the company's ethical values. Orbicon will through dialogue with customers seek to ensure customer expectations and requirements of an environmental nature.

To undertake environmental considerations in the procurement of materials and services, as well as making an effort to reduce their own environmental impact.

The operation of Orbicon business is based on the desire to:
Reduce the relative material consumption and waste
minimizing energy consumption
To comply with applicable laws both run businesses and as an advisor to others.
Orbicon business ethical principles include:
Environmental Responsibility
Social responsibility Health and safety
Responsibility for quality
Responsibility for professional integrity
Responsibility for combating corruption/bribery