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Narsaq may look forward to growth

A mine creates growth in Narsaq

Narsaq is the pearl of South Greenland, many believe. And it is true that the town has a great location.

Narsaq with its large lamb butchery is the center of the South Greenland sheep farming Every year, up to 23,000 lambs and sheep are slaugthered in the slaughterhouse Neqi A/S, which supplies all of Greenland. The food college Inuili educates chefs and waiters and butchers and bakers to businesses across the country, and for many years Narsaq was the center for fish and seafood processing in South Greenland.

Today they are pretty quiet in Narsaq. The fishing industry, the main economic sector for the town - and all of Greenland - is closed. However, the lamb slaughterhouse Neqi, owned by the KNI Group, in September 2013 inaugurated a new, modern production facilities. Also the food faculty is under almost constant expansion and the various educational programs at the school are very popular among Greenland's youth. The young live at the school during their training, and it puts stamp on Narsaq.

GME's hovedkvarter i Narsaq - med Kvanefjeld bagved
GME 's headquarters in Narsaq - with Qaqqarsuaq behind

Today, Greenland Minerals and Energy A/S is a company that has significant potential for Narsaq's development. For several years feasibility studies and mine preparatory work employed many Narsaq citizens, and if the Government of Greenland grant the company permission to extract raw materials at Kvanefjeld, GME A/S will create several hundred new jobs in the town in many years.

Interest in Kuannersuit/Kvanefjeld is not new. Already in the 1950s there was great interest in this mountain massive and expectations of large mineral deposits. The discovery of uranium attracted great attention, and attention was not less, as the world-renowned nuclear physicist and Nobel laureate Niels Bohr visited Narsaq with Danish Ambassador to the United States during the second World War, Henrik Kaufmann, and other dignitaries.

Zero - tolerance
Zero tolerance has now been repealed, which has made it possible for Greenland Minerals and Energy A / S to continue studies and field work in the mountains in Narsaq. This work has been ongoing since 2007.


Employees of GME Ltd. and A/S during 'the open days' in Qaqortoq
Employees of GME Ltd. and A/S during 'the open days' in Qaqortoq

At the end of the field season in September 2013 a total of approximately 75,000 meters drilling samples has been taken. The samples are analyzed at laboratories in Australia and in addition to the radioactive elements uranium and thorium they contain zinc and a very high incidence of rare earth metals - probably one of the world's largest deposits.

Greenland Minerals and Energy A/S will hand over evidence that a commercial mine can be established without risks to the environmental and to public health and safety in South Greenland once all the studies are completed. Authorities impose very strict requirements for this documentation that will be scrutinized and analyzed by both Greenlandic and Danish and foreign scientific institutions and control organizations.

When the major construction is completed, the mine is ready for production. At that time we actually employ between 400 and 600 people to carry out the many different features of a mine with lots of new and advanced technologies.